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True or False...Some companies say "fake job posts" are acceptable?

According to the latest SIA (staffing industry analysts) report regarding a survey conducted by  regarding the practice and acceptability of companies using “fake” job posts has been released. The answers may be very eyeopening to job seekers and current employees alike. Providing more support showing that building relationships with a reputable recruiter who truly knows what is real vs fake can save time, effort, and heartache for those who are searching for their next career.


June 25, 2024

Some 39% of hiring managers said their companies have fake or “ghost” job listings, according to a survey by

“It’s a concerning scenario, particularly when these misleading postings originate from HR departments — the very entities entrusted with shaping accurate perceptions of their organizations,” ResumeBuilder Chief Career Advisor Stacie Haller said in a press release. 

Top reasons behind the fake job posting strategy include: 

  • Appearing open to external talent, 67%

  • Projecting company growth, 66% 

  • Making employees believe their workload will be alleviated by new workers, 63% 

  • Making employees feel replaceable, 62% 

  • Collecting résumés and keeping them on file for a later date, 59% 

Regarding how often candidates who applied for fake jobs were later contacted, 39% reported candidates were always contacted, while 45% say candidates were sometimes contacted. Just 12% said candidates were rarely contacted and 5% reported they are never contacted. 

“Whether it’s to create an illusion of company expansion or to foster a sense of replaceability among employees, such practices are not acceptable,” Haller said. 

However, the ResumeBuilder survey also found that 43% of hiring managers believe fake job postings are acceptable and 27% think they are probably acceptable. And a majority say fake job postings had positive impacts on revenue, employee morale and productivity. 

In addition, 66% of hiring managers say stakeholders — including employees, investors and applicants — who were not supposed to find out about the practice of listing fake jobs did uncover the truth. 

The data is based on a ResumeBuilder survey of 649 US hiring managers on May 22. 

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